Valentine Fair 2012 ❤

❤forest feast❤

Sales of Limited Edition Valentine
Valentine's newly launched version of the Tiny Glow Flower.
Unlike the usual thing, but selling Valentine period,
Texture can change the flower of the heart.
Usually at L $ 50, Valentine's item only during L $ 10 ☆


Here is a new baby doll lingerie!
4 solid colors and 3 floral design are selling.
there is a Cozy Port mall limited LB

❤Rosy mood❤

The new one-piece presale.
Red color is limited to Valentine fair prices
The new hair presale.
Pink has limited color of LB during the fair! !

❤*:..Silvery K..:*❤

Bag of 5 sweets to pass on the touch
"*:.. Silvery K.: * Valentine's Day shopping bag "
100L $ (regular price) ☆ is sold at 50L $


NEW turtleneck tops and overalls skirt are
whopping 50% off! !


New valentine's skybox is half price!☆


What is a chocolate sale at 14L $!
There are some items half-price sale

❤ 1mm ❤

Two new item is  pre-sale!
Each one of color variations is half price.
There is a limited color LB
Also 1L$ gift bag! !

❤Nukunuku Pocket❤

New Sweets for Valentine's is selling
Strawberry mousse and celebration cake.
Celebration cake is 30% off during this Fair☆
If you apply for up to FEB 10th,
Shop will put the character in the message card by free of charge.
Also white version of arm chair is 30% off during the Fair.

❤ {M'one} ❤

There is a Valentine's gift!
What a set of wings and dress! ! !
All items in the store are big sale.
Feathers is 2L$, Dress is all 14L $ ☆

❤Oberon's Trick❤

New couple cushion is half price .
15 new pose are half price.

Valentine Special Antenna Shop 
These shops are only during fair.




❤Dog tooth❤

❤Leia*Galazy Shop❤


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